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How to Install MAAT 2000 on your system ?

By default, MAAT 2000 runs in demo mode. All the MAAT 2000 functions, except data storage, are available in this demo mode, allowing a complete software evaluation..

After having purchased and installed an operating license, MAAT 2000’s corresponding functions become fully usable for the granted period.

MAAT 2000’s installation procedure is the following:

  1. Login to access MAAT 2000’s downloading page.
  2. Download the setup file.
  3. Uninstall the previous MAAT 2000 version if present on your PC.
  4. Run the downloaded setup file and follow its installation statements.
  5. Run the newly installed MAAT 2000.
    • When no license file is available, directly click on [Cancel] button in the license file location dialog box, in order to run MAAT 2000 in demo mode.
    • When a license file is available and installed on its USB key, you must locate this “*.LIK” file with the license file location dialog box and click on the [OK] button.  You must then shut down MAAT 2000 and restart it in order to allow this license to be taken into account.

The license file location dialog box won’t reopen as long as the license file remains accessible and the granting period hasn’t expired (a warning message will pop up one month before license expiry).


  • Interferences have sometimes been noticed between MAAT Hydro’s license management system and Crypkey servers. In such cases, the Crypkey server must be deactivated before running MAAT Hydro.
  • With Windows Vista et Seven, a startup error may occur when the software is not running in  XP-SP2 compatibility mode (Set icon Properties accordingly on the compatibility tab).
How to get a MAAT 2000 license ?

MAAT 2000’s "à la carte" license system is extremely flexible, offering a wide range of solutions, starting from 1 month up to endless transfers.

All the MAAT 2000 functions are available in the demo version, except the data storage, allowing a complete software evaluation.

The MAAT 2000 operating licenses can be purchased online (minimum transfer: 1 month).

To get this operating license, you must first install MAAT 2000 on your system and run it:

  1. Open MAAT 2000’s license purchasing page on Sistre’s web site.
  2. Select a USB memory key dedicated to MAAT 2000’s license and connect it to your system.
  3. Select "/Help/Order License" in MAAT 2000’s menu bar.
  4. Enter the user name which has to appear on MAAT 2000’s outputs.
  5. Enter the E-mail address to which the license file must be sent.
  6. Select a granting period.
  7. Select MAAT 2000 version.
  8. Locate the USB memory key dedicated to MAAT 2000’s license (click on [Browse] button and enter name of license file.
  9. Click on [Copy License Ordering Code] to copy your ordering code in Windows clipboard.
  10. Paste your ordering code in purchasing page’s corresponding field (alternatively, the purchasing code can also be pasted and mailed to Sistre). This code must look like this (less than 150 characters):
     Í«íקåÕ³çïáó±Ùð¡ÝíÛêÛØç”Òä”ÊáÎÞŠÌÛ‘ÉØ·ÂÕ‚½ÒŒ¼ÏŠÀÌx¦É»³Æ€³Ãt±Àx¾½s»ºk¸·qµ´n²±^¯®d«\©¨`¦¥–£¢^ ŸOœNš000017947
  11. Pay the purchased license (notice that VAT will be charged if no valid VAT identifier is entered. Contact us for VAT exemption in non-European countries).
  12. Your license file (LIK extension) will be mailed to you within 24 hours.
What are the points to check when MAAT 2000 remains in Demo mode after localizing its License file ?

First of all, try this alternative license localization procedure after having loaded a MAAT 2000 File:

  • Run MAAT 2000 
  • Open any MAAT 2000 file 
  • Localize the license file(/Help/Find License) 
  • Shutdown MAAT 2000 
  • Run MAAT 2000 again: it should then work normally

If this alternative license localization procedure fails, check the following points:

  • Isn't the license file expired ? 
  • Is the license file stored on the key it matches with ? 
  • Isn't an antivirus or license server disturbing MAAT's access to the license key ? 
  • Do your access rights allow reading in / writing on the license file ? 
  • Is the software ran in "Windoxs XP SP2 Compatibility" mode (for Vista and Seven) ? 
  • Your system's timedate is it correct ?