Advanced design software for mastering ship geometry

 How to Purchase a Maat 2000 License: 



Ancestor of MAAT Hydro, MAAT 2000 is a totally integrated 3D Ship Design suite, tightly combining CIRCE 3D's famous hull modeller with an online wire based hydrostatic solver, an all purpose 3D builder and a totally integrated 2D-3D drafting module allowing quick and accurate structure modelling. In spite of its age, MAAT 2000 remains  an irreplaceable tool for the connoiseurs.


Three commercial MAAT 2000 versions are available in addition to the free demo version, whose features are compared below:


For beginners and home users:

Purchase MAAT 2000 Lite

For small yacht design offices:

Purchase MAAT 2000 Plus

For professional ship design offices:

Purchase MAAT 2000 Pro


Before purchasing the MAAT 2000 License you have chosen, you must download MAAT 2000 Demo and have installed it on your system in order to be able to run it before following these steps: 


Select the USB memory key which will support your license file and connect it to your system in order to make it accessible by MAAT 2000. If you wish to use the software on any other computers (laptop, ...) this key will just have to be connected to it, in order to remain accessible by the software as long as you want to use this license. It is therfore recommended not to select your hard disk as license support, except if you wish to restrain license's mobility (Schools, Universities, etc...).


Run MAAT 2000, select "/Help/Order License" in the menu bar and fill in all the fields of the License Ordering Data dialog box which pops up:


  • Enter the user name which will appear on the MAAT 2000 reports. 
  • Enter your E-mail address
  • Select a license duration
  • Select the MAAT 2000 version
  • Click on the [Browse] button to localize the USB memory key used for supporting the license and enter the name of the KPT file to create
  • Click on the [Copy License Ordering Code] button to close the License Ordering dialog box: A license ordering cryptogram will then be copied in the Windows' clipboard and stored on the USB key in a KPT file.

A) If your order must be processed offline, please attach the created KPT file to the license ordering mail you will send to Sistre: Your license will be returned within 1 day, with the corresponding invoice.


B) If your order must be directly processed online, you will have to paste the cryptogram copied by MAAT 2000 in Windows' clipboard by pressing [Ctrl][v] keys in purchase page's 'Cryptogram' field. Click on the [Add to Cart] button and follow the online payment procedure. Invoice's VAT exemption will be automatically applied, depending on your geographical localization and on the availability / validity of your professional identification in your account data. Please, notice that VAT exemption may not be immediately taken into account after entering your professional identification data, as its validation may take a few hours for European customers, and a few days for the others, depending on taxation authorities response time.  


MAAT 2000 Version Features:


Maat 2000 Demo Maat 2000 Lite
Maat 2000 Plus
Maat 2000 Pro
Projec Storage
checked checked checked
3D Geometric Builder checked checked checked checked
3D Hull Surface Modeler checked checked checked checked
2D-3D Modeler checked     checked
Advanced Transform checked   checked checked
Basic Hydrostatic checked checked checked checked
Advanced Hydrostatic checked   checked checked