Advanced design software for mastering ship geometry


A Major Breakthrough in the Field of Hydrostatic Calculation 


Today, 3D Surface Modeling seems to have become the standard Hull Design technique and ship designer's culture has now integrated this profound change.


Floats, compartments and tanks being solids by nature, Surface / Solid Modeling also appeared simultaneously as the most efficient way to create accurate and reliable hydrostatic models.


Since ships are no longer drawn by hand, 2D Hydrostatic Engines have therefore become virtually obsolete: Why waste time and accuracy in converting designer's high level ship models into low level 2D data ?



MAAT Hydro + is the first fully 3D hydrostatic calculator based on direct integration of water pressure fields on float faces. Thanks to this unique feature, MAAT Hydro + will answer, in real time most of your hydrostatic inquiries provided that 3D surface / solid ship descriptors are available.

Discover Real Time / High Resolution Hydrostatic  


MAAT Hydro + operates directly on 3D ship surfaces (trimmed NURBS / BREP solids), so you can now access directly to hydrostatic analysis, without any 3D to 2D conversion constraint.

Simply focus on your project and enjoy the convenience of real time and accurate hydostatic analysis whenever necessary.

Thanks to the power of 3D Surface / Solid Modeling, defining complex compartments and tanks has vitually no limitation; tunnels, holes and any topological singularity are directly and accurately taken into account from your ship descriptors... asymetric, non connex or even very complex models are processed as easily as simple ones !

MAAT Hydro +‘s advanced new generation hydrostatic engineis able to calculate the behaviour of any kind of floating object in any condition, making hydrostatic analysis easier, faster and extremely accurate whenever necessary.




Real Time Hydrostatic Simulation and Weight Management 


In order to provide optimum efficiency, this advanced management of ship floatability is combined with a real time management of solid / liquid loads. Compartment permeabilities, tank fillings, densities, permeabilities, … can be set as easily as the solid weights defining the loading condition.
Moreover, any loading conditions can be memorized and restored in a mouse click whenever necessary.

Hydrostatic, Stability... and much more 



MAAT Hydro + is also able to provide all the classical hydrostatic documents and retain them within the project file for any further use or print out.



Ship balance analysis, hydrostatic or cross curves, tank capacity, longitudinal or transversal stability (intact or damaged with or without liquid effect)... can be calculated directly if needed.
Most of the classical stability criteria (IMO, SOLAS, MCA...) are also available :
Moreover, in order to face the growing complexity of new regulations, criterion definition as well as results layout are totally user redefinable thanks to MAAT Hydro +'s built in Hydrostatic Calculation Language interpreter.
In order to allow a totally user definable hydrostatic analysis, this oriented SISTRE language will soon be fully supported by MAAT Hydro +, allowing the definition of data inputs as well as the complete hydrostatic process in addition to the output data calculation and layout.

Moreover, thanks to its underlying 3D surface modeling, realistic lines presentation plans can be generated easily and instantly :



Advanced 3D Software for Ship Designers 

Thanks to its pioneer work in the field of Marine CAD-CAM, Sistre has been providing advanced marine design software worldwide since 1981.


Today, MAAT Hydro + is the latest SISTRE marine software of the MAAT range :

MAAT-Lite:Advanced hull design combined with basic hydrostatic.

MAAT-Plus:Advanced hull design combined with full hydrostatic.

MAAT-Pro: Advanced hull design combined with full hydrostatic and structure modelling.

MAAT Hydro + introduces a totally new approach of hydrostatic calculations but remains fully compatible with former versions, extruding automatically 2D hydrostatic models into solid ones.

Thanks to its built in IGES interface, MAAT Hydro + can also directly operate on BREP solids and trimmed NURBS imported from any external 3D surface modeller.