Advanced design software for mastering ship geometry
  • What are MAAT Hydro, MAAT Hydro Demo, MAAT Hydro + and MAAT Hydro ++ ?
  • MAAT Hydro is it a free boat design software ?
  •  What are MAAT Hydro, MAAT Hydro Demo, MAAT Hydro + and MAAT Hydro ++  ?

    MAAT Hydro is a new generation professional hydrostatic  solver designed for 'marinizing' most of the existing 3D modeling software.

    MAAT Hydro allows simulating and analyzing in real-time the behavior of the virtual ship you have imported as well as calculating its approval reports (see the RINA 2013 presentation).

    Used by well known professionals, its results are appreciated by most of the classification societies.

    MAAT Hydro Demo is a free and totally operational version of MAAT Hydro (certain reports just have a 'For Demo Only / No Commercial Use' mention) and can be downloaded from the homepage, after having created an account and logged in.

    MAAT Hydro Demo therefore provides freely a professional, user-friendly and acknowledged hydrostatic solver to students, home-users and casual professionals.

    In order to install MAAT Hydro Demo on your system, just create an account an login this website, and install the latest MAAT Hydro version with its complete file system from the installation page (as MAAT Hydro grows quickly, don't forget to visit this webpage as often as possible in order to dowload the latest updates as soon as available !).

    Moreover, an online license* system allows transforming immediately the installed demo version into a commercial version for the period of your choice (from 1 to 12 months, see online purchase procedure), for example as soon as the project you have designed with the demo version must be approved by a classification society.

    This ‘à la carte’ license* system allows the steady users to take out yearly licenses, and the casual users to remain free to take out short licenses according to their needs.

    Immediately available online, the MAAT Hydro + licenses are intended for yacht designers and,the MAAT Hydro ++ licenses for professional design offices, an additional ‘Turbo’ option allowing to speed up calculations by 4 to 50 (average between 7 to 10).

    Moreover, this flexible license system allows discovering MAAT Hydro without any risk and using it freely, according to your needs, without any heavy investment. 

    * The Sistre licenses include software, updates and a basic support, a more specific support being available on demand if necessary.


    MAAT Hydro is it a free boat design software  ?

    Yes, MAAT Hydro Demo is a free, versatile and almost totally operational version of MAAT Hydro:

    - Free because you can download MAAT Hydro, install and run it on your system without any charge.

    - Versatile because MAAT Hydro tunes with most of the existing 3D modelers, like Rhino, SolidWorks or CATIA, as it operates directly on ship's NURBS / BREP native descriptors, transforming them immediately into a boat design / ship design / yacht design software.

     - Almost totally operational because its real-time hydrostatic simulator is fully operational in the demo version, as well as its basic functions (upright hydrostatics and transverse stability of ship for a simple float and basic criterion). The other MAAT Hydro functions are partially operational (i.e. certain reports just have a 'For Demo Only / No Commercial Use' mention), but can be immediately used as soon as you need them, thanks to a flexible online license system.

    Instead of using a free or low cost limited software, MAAT Hydro Demo will provide you freely the professional and acknowledged hydrostatic tools you need for mastering the most complex aspects of your project, provided that short or long software licenses can be immediately purchased online if and when you need it, for example when the approval reports must be printed out.