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MAAT Hydro Rev. 6.3 is now downloadable online !

Nov 22, 2010

A new Dredge Stability Calculation module is now included in MAAT Hydro ++ Rev. 6.3 (see FAQ’s «Calculation» part for details), allowing to calculate such ships, by taking into account the simultaneous incidence of cargo shifting, spilling and water inflow !

A first «D 231» dredge criterion script has therefore been specially developped in order to allow such dredge calculations. Moreover, a new «B.V. Tug» criterion script has also been added in order to allow processing specific tug requirements.

In addition, the STC interpreter now also provides these new features:

- Curve creation by direct use of algebraic expressions and existing curves.
- Direct curve creation by integration of existing curves.
- Direct curve value listing in data outputs.
- Etc…

Download the updated STC Scripting Reference Manual for further details on these new features !

At last, the active workspace is now highlighted in the browser, in order to avoid any confusion !

(Illustration Credit: ARCO Marine)