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MAAT Hydro Rev. 7.4.a can now be downloaded on the 'Installation' page !

May 06, 2013

Sounding pipes can now be modelled in MAAT Hydro Rev. 7.4 (see FAQ) and are supported by the 'Tank Calibration' function, as well as by the new 'Sounding Tables' function, allowing to sound each tank containig a sounding pipe automatically in a given trim range.


Moreover, MAAT Hydro's hydrostatic calculation function's online help is now fully available by the [Help] buttons as well as from menu bar's 'Help Table


At last, a new reference manual (Part III: MAAT Hydro's Hydrostatic Calculation Reference) can now be also downloaded on MAAT Hydro's 'Resource' page, as well as from menu bar's 'Help' tab.