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MAAT Hydro Rev. 7.5 can now be downloaded on the 'Intallation' page !

Jun 10, 2013

In order to make hydrostatic analysis more intuitive and user-friendly, MAAT Hydro's new Rev. 7.5 now provides a [Visual] option allowing to display the main current hydrostatic data in real-time, directly in the 3D viewports, for completing or even replacing the existing [Hydro] viewport.

Awaited by the schools and universities using MAAT Hydro for their practical works in ship theory, this implementation also allows accessing to ship's main hydrostatic features without reducing its 3D display area.  

A new 'Reduce function has also been implemented in order to allow reapproximating the oversampled imports in order to improve their MAAT Hydro support.