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MAAT Hydro Rev. 7.9 can now be downloaded on its Installation Page !

Jun 17, 2014

MAAT Hydro's new 'Opening' objects have now joined the recent 'Pipe' objects to allow analyzing the progressive damage extension according to time as well as its incidence on ship's stability. 
Subdivision / damage plans, can now be customized like the recently implemented capacity plans,  
A new 'Quick Damage Setting' function has been implemented in the 3D browser for making basic damage definition easier and faster. 
A new '/Tools/Check Model' function now allows detecting model's most common errors automatically. 
Lines can now be directly imported from DXF files (silhouettes, etc). 
A CSV export of the 'Float Analysis', 'Max KG', 'Longitudinal Strength', 'Floodable Length' results has been implemented.
The 2D reports are now automaically compressed in order to keep project's file as small as possible and a new global 'Print' function has bee implemented in the 2D browser to make heavy printouts easier.
Tank's damages are now clearly distinguished from compartment damages and their management has been simplified (easy and direct setting in [Data] tab's 'Quantity' column, new damaged tank icon, ...).
At last, in order to avoid any confusion, MAAT Hydro's 'Loading Conditions' now restore the ship to its intact state before setting tank's content and filling, so that 'Damage Conditions' now clearly appear as complementary.