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MAAT Hydro Rev. 8.0 can now be downloaded on its installation page !

Oct 30, 2016

MAAT Hydro Rev. 8.0 introduces new calculation tools in menu's 'Tools' tab  (V-LinesTonnage, List Lines, List Loadings,- List Damages, ...)  and a new 'Full + Max FSM' tank filling option allowing to combine directly tank's full load with a maximum FSM correction.

Moreover, the automated stability caculation provided by the [Retain Comb. Cases] button now generates a synthetic compliance table allowing to identify the problemeatic load / damage combinations immediately.

At last, the charateristics of the masses currently selected in the 3D browser are now also displayed in the 3D viewports.

Simultaneously, after having implemented a new line modeler, the integration of MAAT Hydro's new generation hull modeller is underway and the first tests might start in 2017.