Advanced design software for mastering ship geometry

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about MAAT Hydro :

This F...A..Q. is intended to answer to the most common questions  concerning MAAT Hydro :

  • General: Contains the general questions about MAAT Hydro.
  • Installation: Contains the installation and license ordering / activation questions.
  • Modeling: Contains questions concerning virtual ship's modelling and behaviour.
  • Calculation: Contains the questions concerning MAAT Hydro's calculation functions.
  • Results: Contains the questions concerning the understanding of MAAT Hydro's outputs
  • STC Scripting: Contains the questions concerning MAAT Hydro's criterion scripting.
  • Miscellaneous: Contains the other unclassified questions.

Dont hesitate to ask further question of general interest if you wish to get its answer in this F.A.Q. !  

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